Reviews of Kathrine Windfeld's LATENCY (2017)

4/5 STARS in The Guardian >>>

"Light, airy textures suit her particularly well; a wonderful, impressionistic piece here, called Wasps, would have delighted Duke Ellington. Windfeld’s band of leading young Scandinavian musicians is as tight and sharp as any you’ll hear."

The Guardian, Dave Gelly (UK)


4/5 STARS in The Daily Telegraph

"Windfeld's music allies delightful joie de vivre with reflective

subtlety, in a way that's rare in any genre"

 The Telegraph, IH (UK)


4/5 STARS in The Jazz Mann

"This is one of the best contemporary large ensembles around.

- An impressive piece of work that features a series of multi-faceted compositions and arrangements, allied to some excellent

ensemble playing and exceptional soloing."

    The Jazz Mann (UK)


4/5 STARS in Jazz Journal >>>

“The music is fresh and appealing and wholly original for there is not a standard or familiar theme in sight.”                                                             Jazz Journal, Derek Ansell  (UK)

Jazzwise Interview with Kathrine Windfeld

Profile in Jazz Journal 

Review in Jazzwise

"She is not afraid of big bold, if thoughtful statements - 'Double Fleisch' and 'Wasp' - while the title track reveals well-drilled ensemble cohesion and carefully articulated sforzandos in both brass and reed sections that bring her writing alive - and details like this matter."

Jazzwise, Stuart Nicholson (UK)

Review: The Jazz Rag

"the compositions, all by Windfeld, are nicely varied, with a particular leaning to impressionism. Section work in the pan-Scandinavian 15-piece is crisp and there’s plenty of solo power around, from the lyrical guitar of Viktor Sandstrom in the title track to the spikily unpredictable tenor sax of Ida Karlsson on the Wasp via a couple of polished contributions from trumpeter Magnus Oseth."

The Jazz Rag, (UK)