Løvdal & Windfeld Quartet

Two strong jazz profiles, saxophonist Jesper Løvdal and pianist Kathrine Windfeld, have gathered a quartet, where both composers' material is explored with great curiosity and enthusiasm.


Right from the first meeting, there has been a special vibe between the two personalities.

Løvdal and Windfeld have a common love for sophisticated musical details, spontaneity and furious energy, never losing track of a high artistic level in the material and performance.


Bass player Matthias Petri and Daniel Sommer on drums contribute to strong cocktail of younger established musicians. 


In decades, Jesper Løvdal has set his unmistakable touch on the Danish jazz scene,

constantly searching for new forms and expressions.

In this group he unfolds his vibrant and colorful sound with pianist Kathrine Windfeld, who most people know from her internationally renowned orchestra Kathrine Windfeld Big Band.


The group is characterized by a natural contact with the audience - an exuberant energy and surprising performances of poetic ballads and powerful themes




Jesper Løvdal:              Saxophones, Clarinet

Kathrine Windfeld:       Piano

Matthias Petri:              Double bass

Daniel Sommer:            Drums