"Ms. Windfeld is bound to have an important future."

- Doug Ramsey ,

Arts Journal (USA) 2016



Reviews of

Kathrine Windfeld Big Band's

2017 release "Latency"

"Light, airy textures suit her particularly well; a wonderful, impressionistic piece here, called Wasps, would have delighted Duke Ellington. Windfeld’s band of leading young Scandinavian musicians is as tight and sharp as any you’ll hear."

The Guardian, Dave Gelly (UK)


"Intense, with a sophisticated attitude .... refreshing and contemporary"

Read the whole review by danish blogger Ivan Rod here (DK)


"Latency is a compelling album by an outstanding Danish Big Band...The world is surely Kathrine's oyster if she can continue in this vein."

"På Latency bruger hun i endnu højere grad og mere erfarent hele big bandet som et instrument. Der er et flow og en velfungerende sammenhæng i musikken. Musikerne leverer mere end det forventelige."

JAZZNYT.com, Niels Overgaard (DK)

"She is not afraid of big bold, if thoughtful statements - 'Double Fleisch' and 'Wasp' - while the title track reveals well-drilled ensemble cohesion and carefully articulated sforzandos in both brass and reed sections that bring her writing alive - and details like this matter."

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Reviews of

Kathrine Windfeld Big Band's

2015 release "Aircraft"

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Interviews with

Kathrine Windfeld

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Concert Reviews with

Kathrine Windfeld

Big Band and friends

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Kathrine Windfeld

Danish pianist, composer and arranger